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Sound Strategies for Asset Management  
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We offer a complete range of asset management services than can be bundled to meet your particular needs. In addition, we work with you to develop strategies to protect and preserve your assets, apply financial controls and reporting, and formulate asset retention and disposition strategies that maximize your return. > Download a line card of services

    Securing your property | The first and most important step in asset management is to secure your property so we can remediate it and prepare it for disposition.

    Eviction and relocation assistance | Should the prior owners or current tenants require relocation assistance, our team will step in with a cash-for-keys offer to preclude lingering occupancy issues.

    Rehabilitation and repair | If the property requires repair, we will detail and cost-estimate the required steps. Our initial preservation efforts focus on gardening and snow removal, trash removal (including rolling stock), hazardous waste remediation and installation of required alarms.

    HOA and CC&R Compliance | We contact and work with homeowner associations to bring accounts current and resolve association compliance issues.

    Title curative | We take steps to clear title to ensure the property is marketable and transferable.

    Building code compliance | We satisfy all outstanding city code violations and negotiate with cities and municipalities on fees and penalties.

    Property Management | We manage and maintain your property, including periodic repairs that may increase value, reduce time on market, or appeal to a broader pool of buyers, all based on a case-specific repair analysis.

    Periodic inspections | To ensure your property maintains marketability and curb appeal, we will periodically inspect for condition.

    Market pricing and analysis | Local experts analyze pricing and listing data and determine whether the timing is right to list and sell your property.

    Property marketing plan | We formulate a listing and sales price strategy using the best available data, selling techniques and local experts to represent you in the sale.

    Listing and selling strategy | Plans include MLS listing and presentation, open house events and local networking.

    Closing and settlement | Our local agent with represent you in the sale, creating net sheets for all offers, negotiate sales price and terms and provide oversight during the close.

    Escrow | We can provide in-house escrow and settlement to ensure a seamless and event-free close.

    Status updates | Our BSI Asset360 platform produces a monthly status report on every property we manage, together with portfolio-level reporting on collected asset value and expenditures.

    Financial reporting | Complete financial profiling and reporting is available using our Web interface. Obtain data on days in inventory, on market, occupancy, as well as sales price analysis.

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